The Beatles – Twist and Shout Guitar Lesson – EASY 3 CHORD SONG!


  1. GeoH

    there's like a small intro before the d g a isn't there? like just notes, so; a b c sharp d then it goes into the chords

  2. midnight rider

    Correction: twist & shout was originally written and performed by the isley brothers. I know beatles covered it.

  3. Trimmers CT

    Hi Andy. Thank you so much for this lesson and all your other lessons. You are awesome. Chris, Australia

  4. ote21980

    Hi, Andy! I'm Teppei, from Japan. I saw some "Twist and Shout" lesson inYou Tube, but your lesson is the best. I want to saw your complete song . Arigatou

  5. Om Pandey

    andy plz ill be there for u friends, ive been sugesting it since last year u also replyed me, so when?

  6. Reudiger Rüdiger

    This Really helped me! Thank you. Can you do You belong to me from Jason Wade next please? I know it is more advanced, but i am searching for a good tutorial °° 🙂

  7. AnnaChanel100

    Thanks for this tutorial Andy!!!Loved it!!!Hey,can i order a physical copy of your book?

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