The Blues Rake Technique


  1. Al Williams

    Hey Ross, great lesson.  Could you do another video expanding on this one and developing the ideas with slides/hammers and pulls etc.  And maybe throwing in some more rhythmic variations… Awesome

  2. cato

    Nicely done!! I started working on this technique in 1978 listening to 1960 Buddy Guy records.

  3. Jordan Chipev

    Can you talk about John Mayer's "sweep-rake" technique. He uses it in a blues jam video, on Everyday I have the Blues and others

  4. zaqintosh

    Request for a similar, but different blues technique . Would love a breakdown of this commonly used up stroke / sweep thing used, it’s pretty quick and subtle

    at 38:21 I’ve seen a few variations of this .. used to get back to the start of a pentatonic position usually

  5. Jesse Formella

    Can you please present a video on how to create rock riffs or how to improvise rock riffs… example is Ac/Dc rock riff but not Ac/Dc. How you figure out how to create your own rock riffs!?

  6. Vil TaC

    Good job man. SRV used this tecnique too much, like in Rude Mood and Cold Shot.

  7. Grandhog Vv

    Any suggestions on how to anticipate chord changes when soloing to 12 bar blues?

  8. Area 51 UK

    Sending the love from Dundee , I love the Blues Hendrix srv videos, I can’t wait to get the bulletproof. I’m stuck in a “rut” one scale wonder lol thanks again for all your videos

  9. Ramesh Kumar

    Bro, your channel has very unique contents which i like the most. Also love the way you explain , so clear and in detail , which helps to understand better in one go , and no need for us to rewind the video again 🙂 .. Keep making more videos bro. Thanks for sharing all to us . KEep ROCkING 🙂

  10. Gram Smith

    I've seen "bulletproof guitar player" for 50 points less than usual for a while now, if anybody is on the fence about purchasing just buy it… you'll be dodging bullets on a regular basis!!
    We'll done on the content, helped me loads.

  11. MrHellahardcore

    Is this the same technique people use when bending a note? Idk how how to explain it but it’s like they “forcefully” pick a note.

  12. Ibanezguitars

    ross you are born to be a great player and teacher! 45 k sub you will hit 100k np!

  13. Rick Moore

    Great job again Ross,perfect learning speed,you can never go wrong with the blues,i'd love to learn some Rory Gallagher electric stuff, maybe how to get a Texas blues tone.Gary Moore style.thanks.

  14. Ali Pearson

    love this video, would love to see a video on holding the pick, i know it sounds easy to hold but when picking single notes I'm fine when strumming or trying to pick faster the pick always move around, cannot find a decent video anywhere.

  15. Gregory Stone

    Could you do a video on the reverse rake john mayer, srv thing. Not sure how to explain it. I guess it's like a sweep/rake or something. John mayer does it alot

  16. Gregory Stone

    Omg I was seriously youtubeing this technique for the last. 2 days. I found one kinda good one from Texas Blues Alley. But this is what I was looking for! Crazy how the world works. Thanks for all your videos. It really is appreciated by me. One of the highlights of my week when I get the notification that you've posted a video.

  17. ニック

    Man, I just randomly searched for "blues rake" on Youtube and this video shows up as uploaded 5 minutes ago. Looking forward to watching it 😛

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