Acoustic Guitar Build Update


  1. John Geddes

    Guitar tip!
    When gluing sruff like rosewood or ebony, close dense grain and oily… it must be warmed up prior to gluing to have a good glue joint. Hot hide glue can and should be used to do that. A little bit fiddly time wise but worth it. Violin builders have done it for a few hundred years with good success, and the glue joint is repairable. Ta da!

  2. Brandon Richard

    Hey Dave! I discovered your channel, and I'm lovin it! I'm a total guitar junkie, and I like seeing you repair guitars. I've heard you say once or twice that you live in Toronto. I was wondering where you get your guitars, and I have to recommend Steve's Music Store to you. They are a great store, and I bought my fender acoustic from there. They have alot of gutiars there I think you might like. Cheers!

  3. Dave's World of Fun Stuff

    Hide glue is very HARD. It adds to the tone because of its brittle qualities.Bindings these days are usually done with cyanacrylate (crazy Glue) To me it looks like the binding shrunk. design issues that will get solved
    Cheers !!
    Thanks for looking

  4. kaptenmax

    Looking great dave, what do you think of hide glue? How much more time consuming is that? What do you think of the benefits, I heard the guitars can open up faster with it, and be beneficial from the get go in tone.

  5. Dave's World of Fun Stuff

    We may have to rethink that detail.
    The entire guitar is based on circles and radius.
    I was excited abot that detail
    now i'm sorta not
    But we will fix

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