Broken Chords and Beautiful Melody Combined. “Must Try”


  1. Salman Raja

    Best… <3 i just open your channle and i fall in love with it .. much love

  2. Arturs Koskins

    Love your lessons! 😉 Would be cool or easier for the begginers to see the dots on the fretboard for a quicker navigation. Keep the good work! 😉

  3. nick name

    yngwie malmsteen style……..I REALLY LOVE THIS LESSON…….arpeggios are my fav

  4. marty james

    your lessons are fantastic because they show beginners how to create wonderful music -thank you so much

  5. Jochem Sievers

    Thank you Marco for all your lessons and tabs just perfect. I’am 56 just a beginner, but with your help it sound’s a lot better.

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