Guitar Lessons – Sweet Notes – E9 Chord Tones – Blues Progression


  1. vodoo57 alessio

    Great lesson! Do the same job on the IV and the V of a blues progression and you bring your blues playing to a new level! Thanks man!

  2. Geoffrey Wynn

    Excellent clear teaching,,,a pleasure to listen and learn from you. Many thanks. Geoff

  3. Wilbur Savidge

    Really like your presentation. Playing over the chord tones locks in the position. I will link through to this lesson

  4. Kelton Swade

    I built the telecaster that Robbie is playing…go to my website or e-mail me at if you want one just like it! Google my name Kelton Swade and see other folks like Vince Gill, Robben Ford, Johnny Hiland, Doug Seven and many others who play my guitars! Cheers!

  5. MrUnit7

    Can't believe I walked right by that penny lying on the ground all these many years and never stopped to pick it up.

    Thanks for sharing your brain!

  6. Ketil Jørstad

    great, is it possible to give this vid 10 thumbs up?? – LOL ty very much for this excellent vid

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