John Mayer – New Light – Guitar Cover (all guitar parts and solo)


  1. Marclandh Studio

    Hi bro, I got a question, how do you play so low action on your strat without any fret buzz ? I tried mine tons of buzz, any tips on how to get the perfect action height ?

  2. George Straughn

    Moakalatte…Great cover my friend! Thank you for sharing. Also love the strat you're playing. Thanks for viewing and subbing to my channel. I just subbed to yours #146 & 124 like. Take care and have a great day! 👍👍🎼🙂.

  3. Matthew 7

    Wow, amazing!!
    How you can hear the guitar-Parts from the song? Nice…
    Can you also Play the "Running changes, untitled 1" from John mayer? I cant… can u help me?

  4. Stein G

    Seems your very comfortable in very different styles ☺️👍

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