Learn This 4 Notes Per String Scale System


  1. Nick K

    Another question — how about descending 4 note per string runs — do you also use your pinky and shift with that? Or do you shift with your pointer finger instead?

  2. Nick K

    Great lesson — question, does anyone actually play these types of runs using ALL four fingers? And by anyone I mean even guitar greats like Gilbert and Malmsteen?
    Malmsteen always does a harmonic minor scalic run which is usually 4 notes per string, 3 notes per string, 4 notes, 3 notes, and so on…Always wondered how he did it, if he shifts like you or if he actually plays with all four fingers.
    Using all 4 is difficult out of the gate but I bet if one practiced it for awhile it would come natural.

  3. JohnProph

    I dont think Vinnie or Paul do much 4 note per string stuff, but Greg Howe does

  4. Taxi War Dance

    you should play paganinis fifth caprice the arrangement from crossroads. no one on youtube really does it that great i think ud rip it. great playing man

  5. sam welsh

    lol a "thicker" pick is like 2 mil. 11 mil is not "thicker" that is the thickest. great lesson man

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