Lesson & Free PDF: Prelude BWV1007 by Bach for Classical Guitar


  1. Brian Geihl

    Thanks for another great lesson. I've always liked this work for cello and was really happy to see your video and transcription, which I immediately printed and started working on. Your comments on the piece are much appreciated. Those that are just interested in the lesson can always just use the slider! Your detailed left and right hand fingerings are also very helpful and well thought out. I had a quick question about the fingering you use at measure 7. At the beginning of the measure you shift to 2nd position to play the A, then after the A/E slur you shift to 1st and play the D with your 3rd finger. Of course your shifts are very smooth, but I was curious if there are any drawbacks to remaining in 2nd position and playing the D with your 2nd finger and C# with your 1st. You then have no shifts and can just bar the 2nd fret when the time comes. I find this a bit more secure, speaking for myself, but would be interested in the advantages to playing it the way you have it notated. I'm enjoying studying the piece and look forward to having it properly worked up. Thanks again for the great lessons and website.

  2. ahmed atef

    A great performance you are a such great teacher,
    I have a small request that might drift you to tango music,would you please make an advanced toutorial for libretango by astor pizzolla or El chocolo by Roland dynes ?

  3. wapolo1974

    I agree about the cantatas, there's some absolutely wonderful music to be found there.

  4. wapolo1974

    Wonderful lesson and playing, Bradford! I was just wondering, is there any there any reason why you've been using the Cordoba instead of your Dominelli in your videos recently?

  5. BCW

    Great job men, I'm a bit disappointed when I see free and when I have to pay for tab.

  6. Benjamin Rybolt

    Beautiful playing. What notation software do you use? Your editions always look so clean and are easily readable.

  7. Dominvs

    This is such a beautiful piece! Been looking for this lesson for months, finally will be able to learn it haha 🙂

  8. Bogumił Rylewicz

    Very good lesson. Thank you. Years ago my teacher taught me this music but he used a different key. It was in C. I still have the music sheet so if you are interested I can send you, Not to play it but as an extra material for educational purposes. In D it sounds better and I love this dropped D. 🙂

  9. Alan McCarthy

    wow that was so beautifully performed, lovely tempo ,not rushed , gorgeous phrasing ,tone and sound so pleasant ,inspiring stuff

  10. Alex Bustamante

    Sounds great in that guitar! Great video, keep up with the good work. I would like to ask you to help me with a problem I've come by recently. I've been having pain in my left palm. It started when playing barres, on Barrios' estudio no. 3. I kept practicing and now I can't play anything without getting fatigued. My teacher couldn't tell me what it was, it doesn't look like an injury and it doesn't make sense after playing for so long. I hope you can help me, maybe you've seen this happen before? Thanks beforehand. 👍

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