Messiahsez Open D Slide Guitar Redbull Woman Blues!! So Long Ago! Caffeine Addict Blues!!!


  1. Ian1911

    This song just randomly popped in my head almost 5 years later. Only 3K views? Fuck everyody! lol

  2. messiahsez

    Thank you very much. I know his work and the compliment is humbly accepted. Thank you.

  3. gezzad

    Fk man you should have TV show. The ratings would go through th fkn roof. This is what you call class of the highest order. You guys rock!

  4. messiahsez

    @jgbryant1 D or E. can't remember. One of them. They are the same but E one step up. Thanks for asking.

  5. y2kh8r

    Synth guy needs a high pass filter… everything else is AMAZING!

  6. messiahsez

    @Geezart1982 Yo that is messiahsez and the straight dudes. I am very happy you liked it. Very.

  7. Geezart

    "Is this thing turned on?" ROFL Faved 0:25 and on is magical

  8. messiahsez

    @JarrydGothix Messiahsez blushes. Thanks very much. A secret: do nit shave or trim. Beard will grow yo.

  9. JBracko

    You music is awesome, your voice is awesome, and i wish i had your beard.

  10. messiahsez

    @melman I met Mississippi Oleg in the park. He is from Russia. The other fellow is Thijs from Holland. Oleg and in hit it off musically from the first note. This is unrehearsed. They are really great people. We are going to have a band.

  11. messiahsez

    @IanRI1911 Thanks. And thanks to Oleg and Thijs. THEY made the sound. Oleg and I made the music. It was, by the way, un-rehearsed and spontaneous. It was made up as we did it. Thanks yo.

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