Messiahsez Slide Guitar Blues Lesson In Open G. Right Hand Technique On My 1968 Guild D38!


  1. 12-string Jack

    It's a beautiful day in sunny south western Illinois and so I've decided on a marathon guitar practice session with my guitar guru, MessiahSez, in Open G. Right now I'm going to practice all 23 of your Open G video lessons back to back. By the time I've completed this exercise either I'll be great at Open G slide guitar or I'll be dead of Open G overdose! I'm willing to take that chance… Ok here goes!!!

  2. Graeme Reilly

    my kids get a kick outta watchin your styles,me too.they roll with laughter when u curse.they say we wanna watch that man,and I say me toooo.keep it rollin man

  3. Andy Birger

    Who are you and how did I only now find your videos? Fastest subscribe in a while.

  4. Tom Ward

    messiah you should be digging this guy:

    Do you know him?
    Do you use the same barber?
    Love your work man.
    Thank you and please keep posting these great videos.

  5. Michael Linder

    Love your vids man, you're always showing me cool new licks and making me laugh. Keep it up bro!

  6. Ion Bertea

    this is so cool very informative i'm going to try this out on my martin later

  7. Erik Mulder

    Thanks a lot man! This made my day! Later today i will watch it again with my guitar and try to reproduce some of your magical sounds. How are you doing now ?

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