Nancy Wilson & Guitar Tech Jeff Ousley Love D’Addario Strings


  1. path2peace

    @Themusicintheair ~ Heart IS coming out with a NEW CD!! AUG 31st 2010, called RED VELVET CAR !!! It's soooooo gonna ROCK! Be sure to BUY IT!!! =)

  2. hueseph

    Another D'Addario user. Extra Hard Tension on my Sigma, .009's on my Godin and Phosphor Bronze on the Yamaha. .013's on the Ibanez! Yikes! Power cables I swear. That's the way the guitar was set up though. I haven't bothered to change the setup. Too much work. Intonation. Spring tension. Bah. I use it for the drop C stuff. LOL. The Cookie Monster in me.

  3. Nikayla Rose

    She has the greatest laugh. =) And the most sweet and positive way about her. Wonderful video ♥

  4. daniel michel

    The guitar sound that Nancy gets is always awesome…It's one of the unique things about the sound of Heart…The powerful vocals and the very interesting guitar parts that come through so clearly on record.

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