One Point Perspective – Arctic Monkeys Cover (Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino Album Cover)


  1. HarryAndAGuitar

    I'm uploading ALL the covers without the song in the background for now, then if they unblock the copyright (which I think they will in a day or two) I'll reupload them ALL with the song in the background like usual 🙂 Thanks for watching guys.

  2. MoosufYohamed

    Is it just me or is 1:08 'the lick'?
    Did the Monkeys actually play 'the lick' in one of their songs?
    I'm shook.

  3. José Tapia

    Sounds very good! Hey mate, I have a question, is it in 440hz? I think is less maybe? I hear the song while playing not accurate to 440hz. Anyway I love your work

  4. Juan Javier Duran

    Really good cover, I really enjoyed listening to it as I do listening to the AM original song!
    One question, how did you get that sound for the mini solo there?

  5. L.Messi 10

    Like their new album
    Great cover harry
    U are talented
    Hope i will play like u

    Am for ever 🙂

  6. Tamas Cseke

    That piano part in the beginning is giving me some Muse Survival vibes..

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