Play a major scale on the guitar – 2 octave ‘C’ major scale on the guitar


  1. David H

    I have played guitar for years, not really understanding it just sort of looking up tabs and learning to play other peoples songs. I watched 3 of your lessons and can easily say I am waaaay better at improvising and being my own guitarist. So thank you!

  2. GCH Guitar Academy

    This lesson is for acoustic guitar and electric guitar . . . .
    Electric and acoustic guitars are exactly the same, in that they both have six strings and frets. So all the beginner lessons on scales and chords are for acoustic and electric guitar.

    It is only in more advanced techniques, and playing above the 12th fret that differences between the types of guitar will show.

  3. Claude Johnson

    Hi if you have anything for acoustic please send as I play acoustic guitar and need help in my guitar lessons. Thanks!!

  4. GCH Guitar Academy

    I have no idea where you should look for a guitar around Prince Albert. I live in the UK so I buy local to me. But don't get too obsessed over gear, there is only one way to learn guitar and that is practise. Lots and lots of practise.

  5. Claude Johnson

    Depending on where you live I would like to know where I could get a decent guitar in shop or on-line, because I really need a guitar so I can learn guitar lessons and can play better because the school equipment in Prince Albert, S K, is really crappy and the strings are all funked up, so I could use a guitar. Thanks again!!

  6. GCH Guitar Academy

    Thanks for showing your appreciation . .
    Your taste in people to want to go back stage with is flawless . . .

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