SAXON – SECRET OF FLIGHT – CVT Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross


  1. Sean Miller

    Another great call Jason! Love this channel not only for Mike's awesome breakdowns and comments but also I get to hear great guitar music I've never heard before. Once again I've heard of Saxon but never really listened to them even though I'm a teen of 80's. Shame on me! To busy listening to Maiden. Amazon music needs to send Mike a royalty check for all the new music I've been buying.

  2. mrmopar5

    Saxon is kick ass!! Got into them when "Crusader" came out in 1984! "Sailing to America" on the same album rocks as well. It has that screaming whaling guitar at the start of the song. Saxon is very underrated as a group!!

  3. l a

    Great cover!!! Can you do acceptance in the waves by ice nine kills

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