Slide Guitar “Lesson” In Open G In The Style Of Son House. I Bang It Like Son House!


  1. matthewjago

    What I really, really like about this lesson is that I can see you going through the same process I go through (ie learning, and not being very good to begin with). Making it my mission this month to go through all your open G slide lessons.

  2. 12-string Jack

    Ah rats in the attic and squirrels in the basement while orange trees laugh at the sun! Whatever the hell that means. But I was really getting into this MessiahSez guitar lesson blues marathon when my girlfriend came in and started bothering me! Arrrgh! Leave me the fuck alone can't you see MessiahSez is learnin' me this cool shit!!!! Now where was I?

  3. 12-string Jack

    Hi Dennis. It's me, Blind Jack Cotton, (Mark). Remember? You wanted to do a video with me last year on Skype, but my internet went down just prior to getting that done. Well all shit hit the fan right after that. I lost everything. So yeah, for the past year I've been living the homeless hobo bluesman lifestyle. I've been thinking about you and Sensei Jeremiah, and decided to reach out to you through my friend's YouTube account. I hope you get this. I'm glad you're still alive and well and making great videos. I miss you! ☺💖Peace out yo!

  4. Lance Morgan

    Come on, you have to make a dvd. You kick so much ass when you give these Blues lessons.

  5. Eric H

    Is this my friend I see back on the evil website again?

  6. Nick Hanson

    I get my index finger pick stuck underneath the strings all the time too, man!!! Guess that's what happens when ya slappin around

  7. Raggy Ragsdale

    Reminds me of the movie when the girl asked Richard Dreyfuss "Are you decent?" He said "Yes." He was necked as a J-bird!! She freaked out! He said, basically, Naked yes but Decent …… Great pickin' SezMan darag

  8. Andrew Harris

    Glad you did this, Son House is in my CD player all the time at the moment, Can`t stop playing it

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