10 Totally Different Guitar Chords – One Easy Shape – Erica’s EZ Chords EricBlackmonGuitar


  1. TT04

    I really feel like im progressing as a guitar player when all of the things youre saying isnt new anymore

  2. TT04

    Thats really nice that your daughter is in your videos too. Love her!

  3. Mark SD

    Wowzer, Esus4b6b9 (10), to Amaj9 (6) to an open A. Thanks, E., Dig

  4. David Flint

    You are a blessed man Eric. God blessed me four beautiful daughters and two sons. That was touching to have Erica open this lesson. Peace brother

  5. downhill2400

    Thanks Eric, for sharing the skills you are also passing on to your daughter!

  6. Dr. Mark in Texas

    Eerie, was right! But, how different when you progressed.
    Erica is so lucky to have you as her father and I'm sure you're very proud of her, too. Hope y'all have a Happy Mothers Day 🎊💝🎉🌹 🌷. Thank you for sharing this lesson.

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