All the Things You Are – Chord Solo


  1. Steph Blankenaar

    oh well back to the drawing board for me with this arrangement and playing. Bravo Stephanie. Maybe I need to go to some Crossroads at midnight and see what happens… like Mr jOHNSON????(lol)

  2. Stephen Fabrizio

    Hi Stephanie. I'm learning this Dan Towey arrangement as I write this. You make it look so easy! Thank you for sharing this as it helps me with some of the changes.

  3. Chamaq

    Awesome job, learning this arrangement myself. Won't be able to play as good as you , Jeje!

  4. noisyfan

    Stephanie, the way you present this immortal song touches my heart threefoldly: the composition, your caressing approach to it and  the beauty of your own personal appearance.If I were a painter, I would paint your picture of thisall over my place . . . .

  5. Anatole Trolaule

    Mind = Blown. Your improvisation swings so much… And it is really smooth at the same time (/! I'm not talking about smooth jazz lol, don't take it the wrong way pls).
    Thus, I must repeat it : MIND = BLOWN. And smiling all along the track ! Very impressive lol

  6. Ryushi M

    Sounds very rehearsed as opposed to improvised.. good or bad.

  7. xeniego

    You played splendidly regardless of very minor mistakes. I've tried reading this but somehow I gave up. I'm inspired by this video. Thanks!

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