Foo Fighters – My Hero Guitar Lesson


  1. Khyle Santiago

    Hey Carl I've been looking for a decent guitar lesson video for fight fire with fire by Metallica the. Distorted guitar intro if you could do it I would be very happy

  2. Sol Grey

    Would you consider doing by Alter Bridge? Perhaps 'Addicted To Pain'. 🙂

  3. Hans Landa

    Hey Carl, can you please do a tutorial on the solo for "Even The Nights Are Better" by Air Supply?

  4. Dragonslayer 224

    Awesome video! Can you please make a video on Franz Ferdinand “Evil eye” or “Love illumination” or “Take me out”?

  5. Josh Walman

    Hey Carl, there's a certain song I've been dying to learn and play, but no full guitar tutorial exists. "Killing Yourself to Live" by Black Sabbath, you're always my go to guitar teacher. Anyways thank you and rock on 🤘


    Hey Carl you are a phenomenal and awesome teacher, and I would love if you could teach the holy diver solo, that would be really awesome.

  7. gmss025

    Hey Carl. I found a song on the 5150 record that i havent heard in years. Can you do get up by Van Halen. I think it's a preaty good song.

  8. Diablo Lover

    Great lesson, looking forward learning this. You are probably the best teacher on YouTube.

  9. YashKnowsBest

    Ive been watching Carl for 5 years. It’s crazy to see how much this guitar has changed. In his early videos it was nice and shiny and now the fret board is all worn it. Just shows how much how he works for us.

  10. Avec Un

    I am a big fan of your videos and thanks to you I’ve learned many of my favourite songs. Thanks! Keep up the great content

  11. Avec Un

    Carl pleaseeeeee do “State of Love and Trust” by Pearl Jam. Please please please!!

  12. ZosoJuan

    If you guys never seen the foo fighters live before, youre missing out on a amazing opportunity.

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