Freight Train Lesson | Classic Fingerstyle Blues (Tommy Emmanuel style)


  1. llama shockz

    I didnt read the full title and thought it was freight train by nitro, still nice

  2. Badgerhands

    While I'm Australian and should be behind my boy Tommy Emmanuel, I can't go past Elizabeth Cotten's version, it just gets to me. I did my own very rough cover of it on my channel –

    Paul I love what you do man, great teacher, great beard. Sorry for the shameless link.

  3. Shadowgolem

    Great lesson! Please do a proper review of that guitar once you are done your trip. Very curious how it is to live with on the road.

  4. Anomie Train

    Don't get yourself eaten by some wild animal…and show us some of the local cuisine!

  5. Mark Holter

    Paul, coming from you I expected the Julian Lage version! But this works nicely.

  6. Hennericho Olivier

    Hey Paul, if you are planing on coming to South Africa, please come to a town called George. Would love to meet you and go for a beer🍺

  7. Максуд Аббасов

    that is a hard song btw. Can u explain how to keep playing with your thumb and pinkie at the same time. Bassicaly how to keep the same rythm

  8. Szk1312

    You have no idea how much you help me in learning. Everytime you upload I get motivated to play even more.

  9. reinaldo reyes

    Original Elizabeth’s version is best by far. Still thanks for another great lesson! Waiting on “Never going back again “

  10. Unplugged Himalayan

    Hey paul .
    This is a very very very humble request. Please make a detailed lesson on “ the heart of life “ by John Mayor. How to play the fingers style intro

  11. boulderdesigner

    Hi Paul, thank you for a very well done lesson and from such a beautiful local! Much enjoyed!

  12. Mbakoo Muheua

    Wait a minute, I live in Namibia 😱. Welcome to our beautiful country Paul.🙋


  13. danielamin

    I just wanna share how beautiful it is that tou can spend 15 million dollars on a videoclip, but a little ditty that a housemaid created more than a hundred years ago when she was 12 will still be considered a classic long after your song is only being played in kitsch nostalgia parties.

  14. pajamasflannel

    How do those strings hold up with all the switching between tension and no tension of the attached and detached neck of that guitar? They lose their tone quickly?

  15. Brett Turton

    Well executed Paul! Love your picking style, and teaching in regards to rag time..

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