Learn the Fretboard in 7 Steps (Guitar Lessons) @EffectiveMusicPractice


  1. andrew cooper

    so glad that I came across your lessons everything you say made sense I am really enjoying every moment thankyou

  2. Nyle Sen

    Hey man! I really liked your stuffs and find it useful and intresting!
    I am also a guitarist! I can play lots of songs/styles! I know some basic shapes but my guitar playing skill hasn't been improving the way I want. I still dont have a clue on theories! So I was wondering if you can help me out. How should I approach to learn theories and from your videos which lessons should I take first and which lessons should I learn later.
    Hope to hear from yaa soon!
    That wud be very helpful🙏

  3. Zarlodious

    Came for the lesson drooling 🤤 over that gorgeous guitar tone🎸.

    Care to say what pickups or pedal you used to make that tone?

    What brand guitar is that it looks like a PRS.

    I just subscribed and thank you tremendously for these techniques will be using it as soon as I get back home to my guitar from a business trip.

  4. pixelatedparcel

    1 year on guitar and just discovered your excellent channel. Thanks for the excellent content and Happy Holidays…

  5. Koryuhoka

    I am a total beginner.. My guitar was stolen but I want to learn. What course is for the very beginner? I know the parts of the guitar very well. I just need beginner lessons. TOTAL BEGINNER lessons! Where do I start with your method?

  6. Claver Furtado

    Great! It seems to be a very good method to master fretboad and start well with the guitar. I'm practicing it.

  7. Carlos M

    Very clever this revolutionary method of tutoring. It covers beginners and FREES those who consider themselves more experienced to take great steps forward as musicians. Congratulations Mr. Propkins. I suggest to ALL that sign this channel and, if they consider feasible, eventually access the homesite for the acquisition of a specific full course.

  8. Allup Init

    This and the other videos are really helping me out in understanding the fret-board and choosing notes that harmonize and produce great melodies.

  9. Nagesh Cavatur

    A fantastic system to memorize the fretboard, and this is indispensable for mastering the instrument.

  10. CooGuR

    Thanks for taking the time to upload your knowledge and creative approach.

  11. never2old2learnguitar

    These are the best lessons on YouTube!!! Prokopis Skordis deserves, and should get far better support and subscriber numbers. We should all press Like and Share and assist in the growth of his fantastic channel ….. thank-you Prokopis, your efforts are very much appreciated!!!!

  12. Phil James

    These lessons from Prokopis are absolutely brilliant ….. I'll certainly be pressing "Share" & "Like" to help spread the word, and give this guy the growth in his YT subscribers he deserves ……. C'mon guys …. press those buttons and help him out, Prokopis is a great teacher and person!!!

  13. Alexander Semenov

    I assume one is supposed to "see" the note name while hitting it when playing in all of the restricted scenarios. Is that correct?

  14. Paul Lyons

    A very well thought out system and implementation plan. I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for making this and sharing it freely!

  15. Rod M

    Excellent! Nice Godin guitar…those are pretty much my favourite, beautiful Canadian instrument. Thanks for the lesson and will subscribe.

  16. B Fong

    i second the comment below BEST lesson s for learning the fretboard this guy is great at what he is doing like no one else bf

  17. John P M

    Why don't more people  know about this amazing man. Thank you for opening my world to the guitar.

  18. Anti Phase

    you look like a villain in a movie haha, cool lessons and tips! Subscribed

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