Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Jimmy Page


  1. John Johnson

    Love your vids Marty, i think you are however missing a key element here with this song. Joe Walsh shows how this is actually done _subtle difference- check it out. keep up the good work. https://youtu.be/STeHgXlnh1c

  2. Donald James

    Marty thanks a million for the nuances I could never have imagined how much I have learned might not remember as I am an old fried and true Hippie. It really is mind boggling how many small things I have learned from Justin and Yourself. Don,t stop please.

  3. David Norton

    Could you please make a video for "Victim of Love" by the Eagles? Love the song, but struggling a bit with the riffs.

  4. TheWaterbound07

    Aren’t you supposed to take the 2nd and 4th notes slightly out of tune? I think he bends a little on 5th fret A string notes

  5. vimal bhagotra

    Sir i m a new guitar i have a band. And i want a lead guitarist in over band bt i did't now about chord relation plzz tell me.

  6. Master Bait

    i think @GuitarLessons365Song – carl brown shows it with better technique..

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