Messiahsez Slide Guiter Blues Open G Johnny Winter Lick Preliminary Lesson and Other Open G Stuff


  1. 12-string Jack

    You know, ever since I boogered up my left hand in that stupid 2012 accident, you've been my exclusive slide blues guitar teacher, for it was YOU that enlightened me to the magical world of open tunings which essentially got me out of my suicidal depressive funk. Yeah, YOU saved my life. But you know all of that already. Right? What I have to say here and now I don't think I've ever told you before. Even though I started with your Open D lessons (back in 2014), for some reason the Open G tuning just speaks to me on a deeper level, so much so that I've saved all 23 of your Open G lessons (slide or otherwise), and I study them daily. My dear friend, thank you for enriching my life beyond your wildest dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    PS: Sorry to be in such an emotional state right now. I know, I know… hoboes are not supposed to be all touchy-feely, warm-n-fuzzy. Again, sorry. HUGS

  2. Rohan Salvi

    sorry i didnt mention you like an older version of john lennon. god bless you

  3. Rohan Salvi

    i think i see myself in you and i think ill be fine as long as my guitar is in my hand .

  4. billyclub56

    I bought a Jetslide, ever try one??
    Looked like a good idea, bein able to use all fingers, flip it back & forth.
    It's real narrow tho, not sure if I'm gonna like it

  5. nickelelr

    I can't wait to get back to my instrument and try following along. You are badass

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