Bad Company Feel Like Making Love guitar lesson


  1. 74dart man

    Great lesson! Thanks! I like how you showed a good close up view of the fret board. I could clearly see what you were doing. Made it easier. So many lessons are filmed too far away and it makes it harder. Appreciate it!

  2. solara clarke

    I have to say, to the donks saying "not very accurate" and wrong…Where are your Youtube demos.???? Just remember….all those famous guitarist that played for years and years on stage live, never played the same way twice…did they.hmmm? so when some one can play a song that sounds like the original…… and they play it differently, and it sounds the same…they must be a GENIUS……… the guitarist on here doing the demo…… those other DICKHEADS making stupid comments…..where is your web, site? and all your youtube lessons?….bunch of text book bedroom players….LOL again thnx to the guitarist on this demo…….the song sounded great, your explanation was easy to understand………a 14 year olf girl guitarist sitting here next to me learnt the song your way……Thanx a BUNCH…

  3. bza069

    :38 "and then im fingering the G string". triple thumbs up brother.

  4. Tom Copeland

    One of my favorites. Thanks for the Great lesson, I like your style & will check out some more of your vids. peace 🙂

  5. Rodney LINDNER

    thanks much,   great lesson, it really helps to say the names of the chords..      r

  6. mjt11860

    how do u get that beautiful guitar tone? what effect, amp, pickups, etc r u using? great lesson. 

  7. Jake Douglas Smith

    Thanks man. I appreciate the video. I have to play this song for the band to see if they want to do it. I think I'll hit it out of the park. Thanks brother.

  8. wheatonna

    Hey nice work. Thanks! Just the right amount of detail: not too slow not too fast.

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