frank ocean – self control – guitar tutorial


  1. ilikefood

    what are your tone settings? great video by the way i hope i can play like you one day

  2. Josepha Thomsen

    sounds great but if you could explain a little bit beyond just what chords you're playing and maybe even add some tabs that would be a huge help

  3. Senpai

    when you have short fingers and can't play barred chords

  4. Saleha Salleh

    He said " so err there you go.. see you next time".. anndddd that was like 1 yeaaaar agoooo… mana pergi next time nyaa.. tunggu lamaaaa.. 88k view what moreeee….

  5. floral ghost

    you probably won't reply but are you using a pedal? your guitar sounds really nice bro i love epiphones

  6. Zach Meyer

    Could you please provide tabs for finger placement as I look online these chords have many different placements. It would be much appreciated !

  7. TTMFG

    this guitar playing and sound is fuckin beautiful

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