How to Play the Electric Guitar : How to Bend Strings on your Electric Guitar


  1. Michael Lindsey

    This video was'nt very helpful. I did'nt understand When you said you were you were going to bend it until its in tune. In tune with what? What string and fret are you bending and what string are you it comparing it to to see if it's in tune? And I personally found the echo effect to be too much. Perhaps it was another effect like chorus, I'm not sure, but hearing the string with pure sound may be more helpful. But I dunno I'm just a beginner so maybe I'm the crazy man here. Thanks for the effort and trying to be helpfull

  2. Karma

    Is this meant to acoustic ( steel ) aswell? cause I born with muscular body but I think you need to be Hercules to pull one up

  3. drooresist

    dope vid! can you show me how to bend notes WITH distortion like you said! When I release a really big bend the other strings are triggered and vibrate. How do I avoid that?

  4. K LE

    When I bend strings, I try to position my fingers tips perpendicular to the strings, but my fingers always seem to go underneath the bottom strings above.  Not sure if it's my technique, or if my strings are too high (high action)?  But I've tried this on various guitars where I believe the action is low, and my fingers still seem to go underneath the strings above my fretting strings.  Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Ridley On Steroids

    how do you move up to the uper strings without pulling them off and making them vibrate,they allways ascend my fingers and when i release my bend they get activated wtf do i do?

  6. Supergirl9909

    what about the high e
    (they said to bend it from 12 to 13)
    but i cant bend it down as it falls off the neck??

  7. Shogunyan

    Oh wow, you lost a whole fucking minute and 40 seconds?! Your time must be worth a fortune, maybe you can sue the guy & get monetary compensation for that lost time of yours.

  8. Conaaando

    I thought it was a video on HOW to bend… The only thing I see here is some dude bending. And you call this "free online music lesson video"? Sorry, it's not.

  9. Spicy Tuna

    Why is it that when I try to bend strings, every time my fingers go right under my other strings… it's annoying and somewhat painful…

  10. slipperypetescan

    whatever feels better to you.. just play the guitar don't worry to much about form your body will tell you what is right. With the being said i use my wrist and place my thumb over the neck of the guitar for leverage.. Th biggest thing is getting the correct pitch.

  11. borhanus

    are you teaching why bending is cool or why to bend .I came here to learn what is the proper way to bend .Pls change your title wasted my time

  12. masterz998

    i dont own the electric guitar im using im curious is electric guitar made for pulling it like that or may it string get pull off from the guitar

  13. Matt Campbell

    @WestBuiltAMountain Agreed. Messes up any clean sound you've got going! Let me know if you find a knack to it…

  14. Nifty Fingers

    @oOoKhaledoOo your problem is probably your action, it may be too low. Make sure that when you bend the strings, there is a small gap between the strings and the frets.

  15. mcarrera77

    what's the right technique to bend? Some say twist your foreharm, others say stretch your finger

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