“My Curse” by Killswitch Engage – Riff Guitar Lesson w/TAB – MasterThatRiff! 83


  1. Tinyroberts93

    bro thanks so much I used to be able to play this song kinda got side tracked from guitar and forgot how to play it and couldn't find tabs with the beginning that's played like this great video

  2. David

    C G C F A B from top of key to bottom? ie from thick string down lol

  3. LucianSarbu MD2

    great lesson, i have 9s gauge strings, and they feel so loose in drop c tuning, kinda fun to play, i might get new set of strings, maybe 11s , what do you use/recommend?

  4. Matt sithKnight

    Feel bad for liking this vid as it was 666 likes which looked cool lol.Anyway great lesson and will be checking out your others. m/

  5. TheMainEngineer

    Practising on my acoustic but once i get my electric guitar, Its gonna sound sick. Thanks bro!

  6. James A

    nice one dude, I was thinking of trying out the guitar would this be to difficult for a novice in your opinion? I also love broken by seither

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