Acoustic Guitar Lesson #1 D Chord Options With Scott Grove


  1. Jerry Arpa

    Hi Scott Thanks for the videos I like to know what strings are you using on Taylor 414 gauge Thanks.

  2. sunnibird

    Are the old vids going to made available elsewhere or for purchase?? As I bought the lessons package way back I don't have any interest in the stuff that's left here and I found the old vids invaluable. There are number of other sites available for hosting vids that I'm sure fans would be interested in.

  3. Ray

    It's a damned shame that all his old videos where I learned a lot of stuff about guitars have been deleted.

  4. marshall401

    Scratch plate/pick guards are purely cosmetic unless you use a big screw to strum with of course

  5. Nibroc Noel

    Thanks for everything. I am working my way through the 200+ hour Christmas lesson deal. Amazing!

  6. 5 4Fighting

    I miss the Dr. I took for granted that I would always just be able to go back and watch his vids as many times as I needed. Shame on me 🙁 I hope you are well Scott

  7. Mark Guitar

    Hi Scott, Thanks so much for posting these.. I'm going to go through each and every one of them.. i'm stoked to have found you!! Mark

  8. Name Last Name

    I can't stand that Scott Grove old videos were deleted and there's nobody telling the truth on guitars no more. Just when I was building up my strat.

  9. andyg3

    you have removed alot of your old interesting videos, why man, love them

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