Centuries (Fall Out Boy) Strum Guitar Cover Lesson with Chords/Lyrics


  1. Au Atwell

    I have a question. What if you have trouble singing and strumming at the same time?

  2. Phoebe-Lou Smith

    I just want to clarify this, is it a single strum of Em at the end of the song? Could you do the song holiday by green day please? Thanks! This was a great tutorial!

  3. Paulius Zelvys

    I'm kinda confused on the strumming pattern Do i use DD-DD-DD-DD for the intro and D-DU-U-DU for the rest of the song

  4. Daniella Beck

    Can you do a Someone So Damn Amazing by Johnnie Guilbert? I really want to play this for an upcoming talent show. ❀❀❀

  5. Lil Montes


  6. Knobbefamilyonutube

    That would be great, I was in the process of transposing it myself with ur conversion chart on paper, but being able to play along with U on the screen with the chords I can play is extremely helpful! Thanks again for all U do!

  7. Knobbefamilyonutube

    Thanks for listening! I'll continue to be a loyal follower! Do u have any videos where u go into detail about how to practice barre chords? Tips? Advice? Just can't seem to get them to sound right, and not even close in rhythm if I'm playing a song

  8. Knobbefamilyonutube

    Also any chance you could do a video for one headlight by the wallflowers that either doesn't include any barre chords or with modified versions of the barre chords. Thanks!

  9. Knobbefamilyonutube

    Thanks for song, I didn't realize that song was that easy! Any chance you can add "on the dark side" by John cafferty via Eddie and the cruisers, and a lesser known song by Hinder called "Red Tail Lights" to the list? Thanks! Keep rocking! You're my go to guitar guru!

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