Cry Pretty Carrie Underwood Guitar Lesson for Beginners // Cry Pretty Guitar // Lesson #463


  1. Darien Castro

    Thank you soo much!! Been wanting to learn and cover this one since it came out 🙂

  2. William Stenson III

    Love this song, truly one of Carrie's best ever, if not the best to date.
    Here is my issue with the video,
    1 other video has the following chord pattern.
    D, F minor, G, A and B flat

    That is 5 chords instead of 4, can you help me understand the difference.

    Also on the verse what is the strum count?

  3. jeilun

    Great video! I was wondering if you could do a video on all the kids are depressed by Jeremy Zucker. I couldnt find a tab that had the patterns so i came here since you're of the few that might do it and do it well!

  4. The Groovy Guitar Dude - Daily Guitar Lessons

    I am surprised that this is only my second Carrie Underwood guitar lesson ever! My family loves her, so I don't know why I haven't taught more of her songs! What is your favorite Carrie Underwood song? 🙂

    Chord Charts –
    C – x32010
    Em – 022000
    G – 320033
    F – 133211 or xx3210 (for begginers)

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