Fingerstyle Tutorial: Spain (Chick Corea) – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB


  1. Дядя Ян


    I invite you to listen to my first album: GOOGLE PLAY MARKET : A DOG ON THE ICE 🐶❄️❄️❄️

  2. HelmslyFooker

    I'm playing this all night long because of you SIR~~
    Thanks for this SUPERB tutorial~~~^^


    Could you please put the harmonies in the description…? I'm learning from Jazz
    Thank you for sharing your arrangement

  4. Gabriel da silva

    Cara só tenho a lhe agradecer, mto obrigado, me ajudou muito mesmo !
    Brasil Manda Abraços <3 .

  5. arthurmee

    Chick Corea is my favourite jazz and jazz/rock composer, player,. This is a very brave and amazing arrangement of this Corea song. Amazing stuff thank you.

  6. Mike Luna

    do a lesson for wide open plain. y Doug Paisley there is nothing out there for it yet

  7. Adrian Baker

    All of your videos are amazing. Thank you for making your videos available for free and very in depth. Have you ever considered starting a patreon account? With all the content you put out and how much knowledge you've given to me and many others, I would be more than happy to donate money so you can keep doing videos like this.

  8. Brandon Wei

    hey there, can u make a arrangement of Marry your daughter by Brian McKnight

  9. Michael Luna

    can you please check out these two songs I don't see any lessons on them and I really want to learn them (Doug paisleys)-wide open plain. &(siloldiers eyes by Jack savoretti)! thanks.

  10. emir kahraman

    hello mr, can you teach tank! (cowboy bebop anime opening song) but you must try it trust me… ım begging you pls… teach us master

  11. Nova Gas

    Beautiful !!! Already started learning it 😀 😀
    If possible Tim Croce Time In A Bottle :3
    Good luck Mate 😀

  12. Ivan Gianni

    great channel always watching your videos, can you do a song juanes/la camisa negra please?

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