How To Easily Memorize All the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard


  1. Franck Yan

    Good newbie's stuff 🙂 You just bookworm me out! Hey Guitsage, that was very intuitive because many teachers just overlooked teaching the fundamental of the fretboard & I must say, your 3D logo is the best. Prosper & we will follow you XX.

  2. Jimmy Stout

    Omg if I would have had this lesson 30 years ago I likely would have never quit. Thank you

  3. Chau Matser

    This is so helpful, and easy, and easy to an old dog learning new tricks. Please keep making more videos!!

  4. SentsuizanXS

    So I'm just going to point out that the rainbow does not start over. It goes into ultraviolet and infrared.
    But you can have multiple rainbows otherwise called supernumerary rainbows.

  5. Jamie Eastman

    My first instructor taught me that " Every Acid Dealer Gets Busted Eventually" 😉

  6. Sarah England

    Fantastic video, thanks so much! Very clear and concise. Really helpful! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼


    I think what you meant to say was, Flat is half step lower and sharp is half step higher. Basically semitones.

  8. Keith Dennis

    Erich, what is your advice re: not fouling open strings when playing chords? This frustrates me so much.

  9. Sean Bent

    Forgive me but, this is pretty much exactly the same lesson video as you published on July 3 2015. The content is identical.

  10. shawn bray

    You are so much help Erich, thank you. I have always wanted to learn how to read standard written music and this video has helped me so much. I have never had anyone help me cause I wanna learn mostly all myself

  11. Dave Smulders

    It's hard to imagine someone playing guitar (even starting) needs this explanation? The title says how to easily memorize all the notes, which led to my expectation to find a way to instantly know/feel what note a single position is, or…instantly know all the A#'s in the vicinity at an arbitrary spot on the fretboard. This video explains none of that. Around the 6th fret you still have to count from top or bottom through the scale.
    Some people see a chord shape and instantly can tell you which 3-6 notes the chord is made off, and when you tell them to grab the 7th, they seem to know from instinct in any weird chord shape or inversion where all of their 7ths are they need to add or replace. Now that would be something to teach when using such a title….not….basic tuning and which notes there are? Anyone knows them even before they can play the damn instrument. If guitars would come with a manual this would be the first paragraph of the quickstart. But they don't come with a manual because it's that simple!

  12. Matt Wattron

    YOOO!!!! I NEVER THOUGH THIS WOULD BE SO EASY!!! Every tutorial hasn't been as clear as yours this is awesome!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH!

  13. john cappeluti

    Your methods and style were great! I am bi polar and my attention and interests go day by day. I have been playing with different guitar s for over six years and have forgotten a lot of what I had learned in the past. Thank you very much for your time

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