Mia & Sebastian’s Theme (From the Film “La La Land”) – Guitar Cover(Fingerstyle )


  1. reason ye


  2. Nisha Kumar

    Hello, I'm really glad I stumbled onto your channel! I absolutely love your guitar arrangements. I was wondering whether you take requests?

  3. Ronit Nayak

    Can you please provide a tutorial for this cover? The arrangements are very nice

  4. Frank Q

    wow amazing, music is like water flowing around your fingers, beautiful

  5. Damien Kim

    안녕하세요 저는 취미로 기타친지 오래된 직장인입니다. 제가 대학생 때 올리셨던 보고싶다 노래를 보고 클래식기타를 연습해서 여자친구에게 들려줬던 기억이 나네요 ^^ 지금은 8년 가까이 지나고 회사다니면서 몇년은 기타를 치질 못했는데… 이제 결혼할 사람을 만나서 프로포즈 해야할 때라 이 노래를 보고 다시 해보려고 합니다. 감사합니다…^^

  6. Jonny078 !

    Wooow!! Amazing!! Are you Sungha Jung"s dad? haha Greetings from Brazil!!

  7. Witch

    Beautiful! anything you play Jinsung just makes me happy and sends a chill down my spine 😀 – did you go to school and study classical guitar? or is this your passion / hobby? Thanks

  8. Jay

    Would you by any chance have tablature for download for this arrangement?

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