Rhythm Changes Chords – Hidden in the Easy Chords


  1. Jens Larsen

    This way of linking several voicings to one "basic" voicing is really useful to me. Do you work in a similar way? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ะั€ั‚ั‘ะผ ะœัะบะพั‚ะฐ

    Jens, I have a question as a self-taught jazz newbie that never played in a band. Is it considered ok among jazz musicians to clash with accompanying musicians (for example nat.9 vs flatted 9 on dominant chords) when soloing? Or there are some widely accepted specific extensions over particular chord in particular song? Or maybe this clash just creates tension that soon be resolved? Or bandmates just have to listen to each other and adjust their lines?

  3. Trombonology Erstwhile

    Jens, excellent lesson in how not to over-complicate the fretboard! It's easy to be intimidated by quick changes and tempos but, as you show, thinking in terms of shapes as pivot points opens up a lot of possibilities for melodic variety in comping. … You are just a master; I think for the novice that art of providing a backdrop is either completely disregarded or seen as lacking in "glamour" when compared with soloing, but it's part of the jazz bedrock and its mastery separates you and the relative few of your calibre from the loads of hacks.

  4. Anthony Demitre

    Those are also the chords to the Flintstones, yaba baba doo, Thanks I can never get enough material for rhythm changes

  5. Sergio Mendoza Angeles

    Un saludo Jens mil gracias por compartir tus conocimientos eres un gran master y este video lo voy a comerzar a estudiar saludos desde CD Mexico

  6. pmikel63

    The overlay where it says to think of linking variations of a chord instead of memorizing a million voicings really hit me. That's totally my problem and I didn't even know it. Thank you Jens!

  7. Joe Rimland

    Jens, I really like the rootless voicings as they're easy to grab and to create a melody I've been trying to comp some simple songs like Autumn Leaves and your video gave me nice idea. Thanks for another great lesson!

  8. Daud abu Hana

    Jens: Thank you very much for this. It shines a nice bright light on theses changes and is definitely something I will be working on. However I note that you didn't look at the middle eight – how would you approach that, given that it is fairly static?

  9. Shuzies

    Jens nice to have you back……………..thank you………ron

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