Thelonius Monk Guitar


  1. Minor7thb5

    Thank you…FYI I have seen your videos and you have some SERIOUS talent and I listen to a lot! Keep up the great playing … it's a shame you are not in MA, I would love to jam with you!

  2. Minor7thb5

    Practice, listen, practice, listen, practice some more…Seriously, I listen to everything from Bach, Thelonius Monk, Van Halen…your ears should be like a sponge and soak up everything. As far as practicing, practice what you want to play and practice organically. I don't have a set practice time. I will practice while watching a movie…before work, after work, even if it is for 5 mins.

  3. Minor7thb5

    Classic song by Monk called Monk's Dream…I am only playing the main melody and a quick improvisation on the theme.

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