How To Create Chord Progressions For Songs Using The Major Scale Numbers


  1. Stephen Holt

    Yup, I find songs all the time just struming C, G, Em and D…. Down by the Water, Why We Fight, Wagon Wheel, Patience…. on and on.. Thanks Eric. Everyone should have the Circle of Fifths chart in their studio🙂

  2. Schecter Man

    So, if I play this chord progression : B7 G Em Dm, I'm still play the C major scale ?

  3. Schecter Man

    Great chart ! Eric, you're the BEST ! For example, does it mean that a C# F# E and B progression sounds correct, in any order ? And, how to find the key for this example ?

  4. MrUbercool007

    Are all chord progressions created from Major key alone or can the minor key also be used?…and what is the importance of the relative minor chord ?…

  5. Ingemar Nilsson

    Hello Mr Blackmon. I’ve struggling with my guitar since 10 years back now. I’m retired and have this guitar as hobby in my free times nowadays. I can still not say I’m good at playing even after those years but you have teached me very very much. In fact I still feel like a new-beginner. I’m glad that I understand the guitar much better. Thank you very much.

  6. Hans-Olof Svensson

    Excellent! I've been looking for a simple explanation of how this works and you always manage to make stuff look easy!!

  7. Craig Fussell

    Man, you’re so good at breaking things down into information that is easily understood. My very first guitar teacher when I was a kid gave me something similar and it was so helpful!! Thanks Eric!! 🙂🎸✌🏻

  8. Jim C

    Eric, is there any other chord progressions besides the major progression and if so when are they used?

  9. Daniel Hoae'ae-Lewis

    Outstanding, therory is awesome and you explained it very. Thank you very much again for another great video.

  10. wade crews

    So if you are starting with your I chord G does that designate it being in the key of G?

  11. Dr. Mark in Texas

    That's the first time I've ever had that explained where I actually understood it.
    Very clear and straightforward lesson, thank you Eric. 😊

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