Learn the Pink Panther CHORDS with this Guitar Lesson & play along with tab/notation at end


  1. Zachary Krauss

    The only full lesson I have found with great chord breakdown. Only thing, if you don't do a play through in the beginning, please at least let people know it will come at the end, as that is the first thing I watch for several reasons.

  2. Steve Houghton

    Absolutely love that Em9-maj7, when you first played it in your other video, I was trying to name it. I thought Wow fab sounding chord, what is it? Looking at your fingers, I was like, "What is the name of that chord". haha. Super Jazz chord to have up your sleeve. 🙂

  3. Steve Houghton

    Thanks for sharing this content. Great peace presented with absolute class and brilliance. Keep playing. All the best and hello from Australia. 🙂

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