Soaring Blues Rock | Guitar Backing Track Jam in D


  1. lilian

    Great melody!🌪 Have you ever played with a coin? I can only play with a quarter. Great on pinch harmonics.

  2. dobby240

    Very nickleback THERE I SAID IT . Nah all serious its a great backing track.

  3. Creatch77

    Dam man. Little AC/DC little BadCo little Deep Purple dam dam dam

  4. Michael J.

    Thank you. Found I can do quite a lot with this. Again thank you very much.

  5. StutterStep

    😱 This is awesome! Can't wait to jam out to it! Rock and Blues….. My two addictions. Hahaha!

  6. Just a girl

    You’ve been killing it lately with these tracks! Great job👍🏼 I sooo want to solo to these tracks, but unfortunately i only have a classical guitar😅

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