Steve Vai – “Freak Show Excess” Demonstration



    Steve you are my guitar hero! When I was 14 ,I see you in magazine with Ibanez and from that time I love this guitars. Now I have IBANEZ S520 and play music. Hello🙋 from UKRAINE! 🎸🎼

  2. Richie Truman

    East Europe & Balkanic music was the inspiration to all the rock bands. They copy a lot from them. Very difficult to play this thinks if you born and live in…… California.

  3. Paul ofTarsus

    I am like everybody else…enamored with the raw talent and of course the hard work that goes into it. Just came off a John Paul Jones vid where he talked an bout looking at all different styles of music, and here we have a perfect example of this. Bulgarian Wedding Music, the Vai way! Lol. But to be honest this stuff just doeSnt move me, I appreciate it but i DONT feel IT. eNDLESS SUPER FAST TECHNO STUFF IS ALL FINE AND DANDY BUT WHEN THAT IS MORE THAN A FILL, YOUR ALIANATING ME. iM OLD SCHOOL ROCK. Clapton, Hendrix, SRV, Satriani at least has some tasty licks, the surfing with the Alien album blows away EVERYTHING Vai has ever done. Van Halens chords and writing kicks Vai in the teeth and completely obliterates him. Its not the techno brilliance speed aspect. Its the FN TASTE. Wheres the feeling? Their is none. Vai must have a cult following that actually likes this endless techno garbage, Him and Yngwie, same difference. All flash, no taste. I respect it, but I dont like it. Just sayin.
    What HIT has Vai EVER written? Or Yngwie? I cant name one. The reason why is whatever it was it was totally forgettable. Is he talented? You bet. Can he write? Nor for shit. Sorry.

  4. broomsterm

    Never played anything in 17/16 time before. Also, it appears Vai is in essence…making beautiful finger patterns. It's not just about playing the notes well – it's about playing them artistically (not as to phrasing but as to a kind of mechanical aestheticism). Or perhaps making the music at least something about mechanical beauty. Am I wrong, Steve?

  5. JMacQ77

    I want to become an officially ordained Bulgarian priest.

  6. Ralph Essex

    Is there a way back to find my true self?
    Music came and ate me up.
    Now I play and am fed up.
    Now I play without my love.

  7. Erik Prater

    Absolutely amazing, for someone who has been playing at the utmost for years and to watch a video of how he is still trying to reinvent himself. Steve Vai you are a guitar master…never stop getting better at the craft you love.

  8. JudgeDrey

    You're awesome man. I wonder what might you have composed had you lived in the middle ages. Then again, I think you might have!

  9. Lady Jane

    This is brilliant. He is Joda with the guitar, a real master…Steve, God bless you

  10. Trunk McEight

    Eastern European/Balkan music is MANDATORY study material for all professional guitarists… Incidentally, Steve is one of the HANDFULL of successful musicians who gives back ENORMOUSLY to the whole guitar community… For that alone he has my unending gratitude and respect .. THANKYOU  !!
    If you are western European resonate with celtic/bluegrass music and seek a bridge to bring odd signature eastern music into your natural sphere of comprehension, I can only recommend listening to the classic EASTWIND by Andy Irvine/Davey Spillane…

  11. toob maniac

    He'd probably like the salty shrunken leech heads (an amazonian tribal favorite)

  12. Michael Quillen

    He talks about and plays this Bulgarian style stuff and reminds me of the Don Ellis band back in the early 70's (Bulgarian Bulge on the Tears of Joy album). Big difference? Don Ellis and his band (to include Bulgarian pianist, Milcho Leviev) sounded like they were working hard at making it happen. Steve Vai makes it sound like it was part of his very soul and no effort at all. Whereas Steve's genres are not up my ally, I really a dig a cat who is at one with his ax and music!

  13. Taso saromonte

    i wonder what music from the balkains its pretty diverse there its my land , i love his playing i had the honour or meeting this maestro–

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