Wherever You Will Go Guitar Tutorial The Calling Guitar Lesson |Tabs + Easy Chords + Guitar Cover|


  1. fragile contents

    the talent is strong with this one….
    I am in love with your valentine's day playlist of songs xD
    thank you for all of your efforts, they are appreciated by all 🙂

  2. Tasslehoff89

    Hi ^^ the song has a second guitar that harps. I think it is a little distort. Have you got tabs for it?

  3. Andy Guitar man

    Thank you for this. Great tutorial. Learnt it in 5 minutes. Another song to add to the library. 🙂

  4. Dire Crux

    How does one normally go about finding backings without vocals or guitar? Like if I was playing this I could store the synth and beat to my loop pedal and then play this over it and sing to give it a bit more depth but I don't know where to find such things.

  5. Jerry Lopez

    You deserve way more subscribers!!! 👍 You're very talented dude 👏✊🎉

  6. Earl Jude

    Big fan of your guitar tutorials from Philippines ! Can you please do a Take You by Justin Bieber acoustic tutorial ? Thank you 🙂

  7. BOSNIAN_Bloke1111

    great throwback m8! could you add chris brown yeah 3x to the list? haven't found a single one on that song haha

  8. Denzel pancho

    also could you do skinny love by bon iver on the next throwback thursday?? pretty please?? insert cute eyes

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