Young Dumb & Broke (Khalid) Guitar Cover Lesson in G with Chords/Lyrics – G Em D


  1. ernanie garcia

    you are the answer to all the people who wants to play guitar on a simple and easiest way….. thanks for doing this all tutorial videos

  2. Princess Roni

    i still dont get the strumming pattern 🙁 it sounds differently when i tried the pattern you said

  3. Aileen Kho

    Thank you again Munson for the wonderful tutorial ! 🙂 God bless! From Philippines-Aileen Kho

  4. Silent artist

    Munson! Ever since for the last two years, you made my life so easy I mean yey totally "YOUNG DUMB AND BROKE!!!" Thank you very much!

  5. HE303ne87_ Gamer

    Why i cant do the strumming pattern..?? I've tried the guide from the begininng…still can't get it….help meeee….

  6. 3DREAMX


    I come from thailand Thank you very much uncle

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