Blues Guitar Lesson Sliding 9 Chords How to play Blues Chords 101


  1. Hector Garcia

    Hey Marty, one more favor to ask. I don't mean to be a nuisance, but I'm a beginner to intermediate self-taught student (I say student cause I don't think one could ever really know everything there is to know about playing the guitar) It's such an incredible and complex instrument but yet at times, can be so beautiful and simple (sort of like the 9th chord!) Anyway, your videos have been an invaluable asset in my learning! They always leave me just hungry for more! I'm unemployed right now but I swear dude, as soon as I find a job, I'm gonna buy your lessons program!!!! The guitar has literally been my only saving grace during this down time for me or I would have lost my mind!! Lol. You and the Sage are the only two guys I really like to watch on here!!! Ok, there are a lot of other great teachers on here but you two guys, actually have your own "Add to" folders!!! Lol! Sorry, I'm ranting but I really appreciate you man! Anyway, I've looked everywhere but I think you're the guy who might be able to help me out with this cause we look about the same age. I don't know if you remember a punk band out of Orange County named TSOL, but they did a version of Leadbelly's "Good Morning Blues" on their Hit n Run album, I wanna say back in 1987. I can't find tabs or lessons for this anywhere! Do you think you could do one??? Thanks so much Marty. You're the best! 

  2. Hector Garcia

    It figures that my most favorite chord is so fricken hard to play!!! Marty, why are dominant 9th chords so damn hard?? Sure, I can get it set down alright but by the time I slide it to the next position, it's all out of whack!!! Do you know of some kind of trick to "keep it together" so to speak short of glueing my fricken fingers together cause it's the only chord I wanna play really. Also, I just bought a steel slide, which I love, but I'd like one that's a little less twangy. Do you have any suggestions? What do you think is the best finger and (and size) to put it on?? Any help would be extremely appreciated cause I really don't want to make that trip to the hardware store for Super glue!!!!!

  3. slingerjr

    You can be what you wanna be. ..on Chord 9
    You ain't got no responsibility. ..on Chord 9
    Every man in his mind is free. ..on Chord 9
    You're a million miles from reality. ..on Chord 9
    You can be what you wanna be.
    boom! boom boom
    I'm feeling fine on Cloud 9.

  4. paul taylor

    if your going to be the first at least say something about the post or its just wasting space

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