Blues Guitar Triplet Lick Lesson


  1. Darren P

    Thanks for this, Robert. A little late to find it but have since been all over your MGA channel and am going to sign up!

  2. downhill2400

    I will definitely be working on this shortly! Every now and then I like to try something what wails. This is a great channel to find these little gems!

  3. PHi LOS

    Love it and love the sound! Very "brown" indeed – Mt. Gibbons would love it 😉

  4. Matheus U

    Could you show the whole part that you're playing at the beginning aswell?

  5. miked765

    Have added you to the roster of you tube guitar profs, led by dept chair The Schwartz.

  6. DerEchteBold

    Great Lick!
    And boy, what a Sound!
    I bet that Amp cost more than all the Gear i ever owned combined 😉

  7. adaptiveagile

    I love it, Robert. Very simple and perfect for my level, yet has that beautiful complex SRV cliche sound for 12 bar fill that belies its simplicity. Thanks so much for this superb lesson. Always on the hunt for these kinds of embellishment fills . Great sound, by the way. Love the guitar.

  8. Baci302

    Thanks for sharing that. Great lick.

    What guitar are you playing?

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