Delicate Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson for Beginners NO CAPO // Delicate Guitar // Lesson #486


  1. The Groovy Guitar Dude - Daily Guitar Lessons

    This guitar lesson was LONG OVERDUE! If you have been on this channel for a while, you know I am a total Swiftie! Delicate is one of my favorite songs from Reputation so I had a lot of fun making this video for you guys 🙂 Chord charts below!

    Chord Charts –
    C – x32010
    Dm – xx0231
    Am – x02210
    Em – 022000
    F – 133211 or xx3210 (for beginners)

  2. Kaan Uysal

    Just discovered this EPİC CHANNEL! EASY and fun tutorials… I'm loving it! Thanks for the tutorial bro!

  3. Vinay Cubes

    Sir Please REPLY
    I had some doubts about fingerstyle…could you please clear it for me
    When do you think I/anyone start fingerstyle…
    If I buy my guitar …what are the most basic things I should learn first…
    Where should I learn picking??? Is there a source that helped you like a BOOK???
    Love your content

  4. Lauren Fornof

    Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. One song I have been wanting to learn how to play is Why by Sabrina Carpenter.

  5. A D

    Nice tutorial! Please do one of “All too well” by Taylor S. 🙏🏻

  6. Raquel Aguilar

    I'm not a "swiftie" but this song has been stuck in my head for dayyyys. thanks for making such an easy to follow tutorial as always! ☺👌🏻

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