Game Of Thrones Theme Song Fingerstyle Guitar Video Tutorial Lesson + Cover |Tabs + Chords|


  1. Adi Deswar

    Can't thank you enough for this amazing tutorial. All the best for all of your endeavors, Dave.

  2. Srijeta

    hey Dave, i just had a question. i'd be really glad if you answer it.
    what about people who have shirt hands or short fingers? cuz im one of them and i cant stretch fingers so very apart. it hurts and the sound is pretty hollow. i'd be really grateful to you if you happen to have any solution to this problem up your sleeve.
    yours with admiration,


    Thanks for a clear and well illustrated tutorial. Especially like the split screens. Keep it up. You are doing a great job! 5 stars

  4. Sahil Pawar

    Hello sir, i found myself very difficult at the time of f barre chord, my finger cant stretch as ur fingers, please help me by giving a tip or any shortcut method, thank you.

  5. Nishit Mukherjee

    Hey guys check out my fingerstyle cover of Game of Thrones. a brand new original arrangement. Thank you. Peace and love 🙂

  6. Michel Hébert

    Awesome! love it. Just a note about the guitar tab. The intro has the same notes for the two boxes. I believe the second box should have string 2, fret 2 that hammers to 3rd fret right?

  7. Devendra Deshmukh

    This is such a amezing melody on guitar…
    Can you please make a tutorial on La la land melody on guitar… plz

  8. Emma Louisiana

    I am 13 and I have just started learning guitar and it is the first guitar lesson I have learnt. I am truly inspired and grateful to you sir…!!And here you get a new subscriber..!!😀

  9. Frantic

    I really recommend everyone to watch this tutorial its super clear and the best out there, you just need to focus a bit. In about 2hrs youll easily learn it. Good luck.

  10. dilemmix

    Fantastic, you explained and showed it so well!! I am not an advanced guitarist but with your help and a lot of practice I will get there in the end, wish me luck, lol! Thank you!

  11. Mahgol Bashiri

    I've been learning sooo much from youuu love your vids <33 I'm not even going to my own class anymore. xD and just practice what you say in each vid and can't believe how much I've improved , thaaanks I hope you hit 1mil subscribe soon

  12. Spencer Maw

    It took a lot of persistence and tears but I finally got it. Thanks a bunch

  13. saadf89

    Awesome video, but I can't do the F chord with the Barre and extension 😢

  14. Androctonus13

    New to finger picking and was having a hell of a time wrapping my head around how to play this just from looking at tabs. Thanks for this awesome tutorial! May you be blessed by the new gods and the old.

  15. Rohith Padmakumar

    I tried to do fingerpicking songs from other channels. The breakdowns in those are too complex. Enter GZ2H.

  16. Onkar Kulkarni

    Thanks for the lesson. I have learned this fingerstyle. Its sounds amazing. can you also make a finger style lesson on Game of thrones light of seven?

  17. Markar

    Love this arrangement. It's simple enough for a beginner to pick up and it sounds great.

  18. Rollin Mains

    OUTSTANDING breakdown. This may be too much right now for my first finger picking song, but your breakdown gives me the confidence in knowing I can get this. As for your feedbacks down below,  that should tell you that you are doing something right. Nice job!

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