1. Beyond The Guitar

    Tabs/sheet music for this are available below! I also just released a 10-minute Behind-The-Scenes video and blooper reel for this video on Patreon. You can follow the link to Patreon below, become a patron to support my music for as little as $1/month and gain access to the exclusive video. Let me know if you'd like more Behind-The-Scenes. Much love!
    Last week's video: https://youtu.be/v8CXym2CoXA
    Guitar tabs: https://mnot.es/2rYTPAv
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  2. Joel Benjamin Varoß

    I need to practice so much more to get to your level… Good that I still (hopefully) got enough time to master the guitar.

  3. Tammy Coates

    That was awesome!!! New subscriber right here.. I can't wait to see what you come up with next

  4. Erwu 1337

    In so many moments it sounds like some of the LOTR soundtrack that my mind thinks it's actually LOTR soundtrack :p

  5. Will Ortiz

    Hello Nathan, Your guitar has such a rich and beautiful tone. This experience can only be gotten from some one who is gifted and talented! That said, I enjoy each of your recordings more and more. I was very moved by this one!….Your friend….Will Ortiz

  6. Randy Vinas

    Damn! You did it again! You never fail to amaze me by your talent! Cheers mate

  7. Dictismit

    I dont think I have subbed so fast before tbh. Good fuckings shit

  8. derpty derp

    Wow, could just be me, but this sounds different to anything I've heard you play before, love it, awesome to see(hear) such variety!

  9. Ashton Macaulay

    Incredible as usual. Now I want to go play God of War instead of working. Will be buying this tab come payday!

  10. jeremy Jhonson

    Kratos : "Boy! You have to be able to play guitar like this guy!"
    Atreus : "But he is too skilled!"
    Kratos : "It's a must BOI"

  11. Hadrien Brissaud

    Dammit if being a true bard takes having pointy things close to my eyeball I'd rather stay a half-assed trobador

  12. Tobi Obito

    Why is your channel so underrated!? Love this guitar cover tho 👌🏽

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