Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know Guitar Lesson BEGINNER Tutorial Acoustic easy


  1. Zach Bryan

    Been quietly waiting for months for someone to make this lesson. Chords are simple but the groove needs to be observed.

  2. Kalvin Hepple

    Brill lesson,just what beginners are looking for.plenty of scope to go from easy to a little more difficult!

  3. Nevelle Simpson

    Love your classes I have been going to a class called guitar for vets. I have been searching the internet to learn how to play a song by Ro James call permission. Do you think you could help me out?

  4. shaun emmanuel

    It sounds amazing on ur guitar. It sounds a bit too bright on my guitar, any idea how could I make it sound more mellow?

  5. One Click Guitar Channel

    Thanks J – I like the fact – that even though your such a good player, you don't snob at the fact, to show people (beginners) an easy way to play it.

  6. Tony M

    The nostalgia with this song :’( I was in middle school when it came out, I’m well into my college years now, time flies

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