How to Record Guitar Videos (Audio & Video)


  1. jeffs1000

    That was great! Thanks! I have Reaper and a Boss Katana amp and hoping to use them together.

  2. dixee6

    Thank you for sharing this information. Nice taste in the Ibanez guitars too. Love that maple neck! Lol

  3. alwaysrockn2009

    This is the first video of yours that I've seen and it was great. You are so positive and you smile a lot. You definitely like what you are doing and excited to share. Thank you so much! Rock on!!!

  4. Fady awad

    hi I have a question. how can I open this Icon of ( REAPER PREFERENCES )

  5. 몽상가

    for who are looking for free video editor not Windows movie maker, try Hit Film Express and Davinci Resolve. both are free and very good.

  6. Baz

    Really good informative video. But do yourself a favour and get some studio monitors 👍

  7. Wyatt Martin

    Does anyone know of any free editing software that synchronizes audio like that?

  8. Brewed Awakening

    Got a question for Rachelf or anyone who can figure out what I did wrong or missed. I got a Focusrite Scarlett Solo and Bias Amp2, when I play the guitar I only get a clean sound, either standalone or through Reaper. Tried everything even bought a Fender guitar cable(other cable was old) but still, I still get just clean sound.What did I do wrong? Someone suggested maybe I set it up to monitor only dry sound or something. What's that mean? If this is correct, where can I find that setting? Anybody? Thanks.

  9. Kian Thomas Falcone

    you can also just go to where you pick the first note and match the first wave in the audio to it, trying to match up two wave links sounds way more annoying.

  10. Geo Arthur

    Thank you Rachel, you've been very helpful .. good luck from Ireland 🙂
    And subscribed.

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