How To Turn A Left Hand Guitar To a Right Hand Guitar or How To Change a Nut On Your Guitar


  1. Karver

    If you going to do this, i suggest finding a guitar that dosent have a trem

  2. Raymond Alexander Wilson

    btw this is not what Jimi did, Jimi was right handed but he flipped his right-handed guitars and played left handed to show off

  3. Ray Slone

    Man left handed guitarists sure get triggered if you buy one of their guitars lol. But look guys, I've wanted a six string bass forever and if I can get one cheap af because it's a lefty that's what I'm going to do lol

  4. AltijdReno

    I bought a fender neck for my stratocaster 'cause mine was broken and didn't already noticed my nut was reversed and when I wanted to put the strings on my guitar I saw the nut was reversed so now I want to turn it back to normal…

  5. DeadPistolsBrainGerms

    IDK why everyone is so mad… you clicked on the video… You got what you asked for. You have zero reason to be throwing a hissy fit. Plus, some left handed players play upside down which would require this procedure add to the fact if a left handed person wants to buy a right handed guitar they'll have to run this procedure too if they plan on restringing it. Also, he explained in the video this was how Jimi Hendrix played. So there's a reason right there.

    In my case, I'm actually a right handed player who wants to play upside down guitar so I'm restringing a right handed guitar to be left handed then playing it upside down.

  6. Stew Atkin

    I did this to a Squire Standard that I bought for $100.00 CDN. It was a fun project. Then you realise the issues. You can't play very high up the neck. You end up accidently turning the volume down. I did it basically to debunk all those Hendrix theories.

  7. Zamiel

    I don't see why left handed people here are upset, this guy just showed you that you could buy basically any right handed double cut guitar and just flip the nut

  8. zentazym1

    I found a left handed guitar for about a 5th of its price. Lefties, don't blame me for not being able to pass up a good deal. I could sell it for quadruple what I payed, but who's the real villain then?


    Would this work with a Bass? I'm looking into buying a Lefty Fender Jazz Bass and taking it to a Guitar tech and having it turned into a Right handed. I like the way the Lefty Jazz Bass looks over the standard.

  10. Alleah Grimster

    thats it i thought it was this whole deal i brought a lefty and some fuy made it into a right handed guitar

  11. uwu

    Seeing him do this to a lefty, hurts.. I have to search years for them..

  12. Brian steff magnussen

    I have just done this to my 70 $ git. Why ? I think that a part of Hendrix sound came from the angle of the bridge pup and the way the strings resonate from the nut to the tuners. And i works just fine, The attack on E A D is sharp and the G H E is smooth and mellow. But i am just barely able to make it intonate. Maybe i'll cut the springs short, or i figure sometthing out with six washers of either metal or nylon material. The pot's are annoying, i will throw them in the bin and keep the switch. The tree pups will all get the same treble bleed soldered in 250 k. should do.

  13. Daniel Garcés

    con lo que cuesta conseguir guitarras para zurdo en muchos casos y el siendo diestro ocupa de zurdo. como decimos en Chile, que es weon xD

  14. Gaurav Mishra

    i need to know a place where lefty guitars are untouched. i will grab em all for myself. like this guitar in the video, which was not to be bought by anyone!

  15. Christopher Carrillo

    I think it would be stupid for someone to convert a Lefty to a Eighty… I dint see why anybody would want to do it. Just my opinion.

  16. Alucalb Jenkins

    Why would you do this? Music companies like Fender and Gibson only make up to 10 to 15% left handed instrument a year and that's just standard manufacturing excluding custom orders from stores or people who want left handed guitars. So there's no point of doing that to a guitar meant for lefties to make a righty replica of a famous lefty.

  17. TSOL

    Yeah man, as a lefty fuck you, an unlimited amount of guitars available to you and your doing this.  I don't even care if your in a Jimi Hendrix tribute band.

  18. MagicalTrevyn

    I'm honestly confused. Righies have a massive choice of guitars! Any guitar you can find left handed there is pretty much definitely a right handed equivalent. Lefties like myself struggle to find guitars!!

  19. Patrick Taylor

    This is sacrilege for a left handed guitarist. There are soooooo many more rightys out there dont ruin a lefty expensive or not.

  20. Shivjot Rangi

    don't forget to adjust bridge saddles, intonation that is

    just giving you heads up

  21. Shira Wolf

    Need to switch a '69 handmade in Japan classical to lefty. It's virtually worthless, but I'd rather not change the nut and find that it still doesn't work. Will I need to change the bridge for a classical?

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