Improve Your Solos With This Phrasing Exercise (with BACKING TRACK) – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial


  1. Mark Soden

    I am digging this concept! Thanks for doing this vid and thanks for the backing track! Great Ideas!

  2. Ric Ellingson

    I've learned more from you and enjoyed seeing all the guitars more than anyone else on the web. Thanks!

  3. harlon57

    He plays great in multiple genres, and yet remembers what it's like to be new and struggling to the degree that he knows how to teach complex ideas in a way anyone can understand. RJ is really one of a kind. I'm sixty, played in bands much of my life yet still learn something interesting from him in every video. Love this channel. Thanks RJ!

  4. Mike

    here's a lesson: Put your guitar down and Listen Listen Listen. A good place to start is to listen to all of RJ's demo videos. There is a ton of stuff in those demos to eventually add to your playing. But listen first.

  5. Ken Conrad

    Like they say about real estate.. Location, Location, Location… The same has always been true with soloing.. Phrasing, Phrasing, Phrasing! Great video, man!

  6. chris k

    Looks funny RJ, you looked like you really wanted to rip! LOL…

  7. Tioga Fretworks

    I want to know more about your BarneyK RJ – what year, where did you find it,etc. It looks and sounds killer.

  8. Edgard Ucha

    Man! Love this lesson, I would like to see more on this subject and ideas for soloing. Thank you a lot, regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  9. Michael

    Great timing! I have been frustrated with my improv chops recently and this vid was well needed!!

    Any tips for soloing in major keys? It's terrifically hard to think up anything that is interesting while playing in a major key (for me); much easier in a minor key or genre-specific song like blues or country. For me anyway…

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