John Mayer – New Light… Loop | Chords | Solo… Yes, I went there as well…


  1. ssef15

    Listening to you jam feels like stealing it’s so good

  2. greg urbani

    PETE can you help me… What do you know about Epiphany Dot's early 2000 Korea???

  3. JPWillis269

    I just saw the fantastic video of this song and the next to pop up was this. 1 been a fan of Anderton’s videos for a while. Great video and great playing. I’m a Strat fan so, I favor the Strat videos you make. Keep playing with soul man. Cheers from the USA

  4. Cesar Arias

    Totally #GayForHonore , you are such an awesome player!!! 3rd time watching this, absolutely enjoy watching you play and take songs apart for us!

    Much love from Barcelona!

  5. Giuseppe 85

    This song will lead any guitar player to not accept it on the first listen, but listen to it again, then again, the timing, it becomes a tune that plays in your head for weeks regardless if you listen to Johns music or not. That is the result of a well composed song and
    a true artist.

  6. Leo C

    This was such a great breakdown, wonderful video man! The only thing I would like to see you do is go over your amp settings to get the right tone on the guitar.
    Great stuff!

  7. Targa Ray

    John Mayors guitar playing is amazing. He is a deep Guitarist. With a very solid, yet ever mophing Guitar Centric composition center. From Blues, Folk, Country, Funk, and Pop. I f you have over looked him in the past, look again. His guitar playing is so under rated it's pathetic.

  8. Owl Good

    I could seriously listen to you solo-ing on that track for hours

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